Government Colleges

Government College , Multan Road Muzaffargarh.

Government Girls College , Punjnad Road Muzaffargarh
Govt Commercial College , Near Faisal Stadium Muzaffargarh
Government Vocational Institute , Near Faisal Stadium Muzaffargarh
Government Elementary College , Jhang More Muzaffargarh
Important Private Colleges

Multan College of Commerce , D G Khan Road Muzaffargarh.

Muzaffargarh Law College , Multan Road Muzaffargarh.

Muzaffargarh Commerce College , Punjnad Road Muzaffargarh.

Muzaffargarh Homeopathic College , Farid Colony

E-Quest College , Hameed Colony Muzaffargarh.

Fast institute of Computer , Allama Iqbal Library

Pakistan Inter College , Farid Colony Muzaffargarh.

Info Tach Institute of Computer , Sanat Zara Muzaffargarh

High Schools

Govt High School , Yadgar Chowk Muzaffargarh

Govt Jamia High School , Jhang More Muzaffargarh

Sardar Koray Khan Public School ,Near D C O office

Govt High School , Basti Maharan Muzaffargarh

Govt Talkot High School , Near sports Ground Muzaffargarh

Govt High School , Bhutta Pur Muzaffargarh

Govt Girls High School ,Chowk Islami Muzaffargarh

Municipal Girls High School , Qamar Qota Muzaffargarh

Govt Girls High School Khurshidabad , Jhang Road

Govt Girls High School Lutkaran , Near D G Q Hospital

Important Private Schools

Misali Public School , Din Pur Muzaffargarh

Abdalian Secondary School , Din Pur Muzaffargarh

Misali Zikriya Higher Secondary School , Pir Jahanian

Shakir Public Secondary School , Khangarh Muzaffargarh

Superior Higher Secondary School , Farid Collony

Bhutta Public High School , D G Khan Road Muzffargarh

City Public School , Near Tainki Bagh Muzaffargarh

Johar Public High School , Jhang Road Muzaffargarh

Maktab-e-Danish , Railway Road Muzaffargarh

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